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Trust your dog and find your wo/man!

Mantrailing is the "art" of finding a person by following its scent. It combines the amazing ability of a dog to process shed skin cells, and put them in chronological order to move ahead on a trail and the ability to distinguish between individual scents.

  Benefits of Mantrailing:

  • Teamwork

  • Fun

  • Physical and mental exercise for your dog

  • Creating a deeper bond between you and your dog

  • The best game ever for your dog

  • ....

Following a scent is in the dogs nature; an instinct which is predominantely used when hunting. During the mantrailing the dog's incredible skill is used to follow a person's specific scent and find it. 

As mantrailing dips into the dogs nature, your dog will not only deeply enjoy this activity, but will also challenge the dog and stimulate it mentally. Teamwork, focus and concentration are key to success. This will create a deeper bond between you and your dog.

The dates and times of the group training sessions can be found under TRAINING Calendar.

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