# 2 - LANA - finding her way

December 5, 2017



I am Lana, a 1 year old  German Shepherd. 


I did not have the best start in my life, but am lucky that I found my mum and dad.


My first weeks in my life are a bit fuzzy and I cannot remember much. 


The first five months were rather sad from what I can remember. My previous owners did not really know how to handle me, so I ended up in their basement. Only from time to time I was allowed to come out, but mainly to serve as a punching ball for the small kid living in the house. When my parents arrived I could hardly walk as my muscles were weakened. I was literally crawling over the floor to meet them. 


Since then:

I was lucky that my mum and dad decided that they wanted to take me home and a new chapter began. However, my past did not leave me unaffected; I am easily overwhelmed and

overexcited. As a result I do not always behave at my best. For example  when someone is coming to the house it can happen that I hold the persons arm with my snout. I always realise it and do not leave any marks, but I know it is not polite. Sometimes it feels that I cannot stop barking at raindrops, the neighbour's cat, a bird which passes the window. And then cars! What can I say, as soon as I see one I feel the urge to jump into it. My mum and dad have real difficulties to hold me at these moments. Sometimes I wonder what happened during the first months in my life that I am so frantic and cannot control myself. 


But with the efforts and love from my mum and dad things are improving. For example I am recently starting to enjoy being touched by my mum and dad, I manage to calm down quicker after being overexcited, I can let go and relax for brief moments which I show with deep exhales and sighs.  I know it is still a long way until I reach my balance, but every day I take a little step in the right direction ...


I am so glad that I found my mum and dad. They are helping me to work on my issues and despite my flaws they love me very much.


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