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# 1 - JULES - sweet Jules

My name is Jules. I am an American Bulldog, 5 years old and living with my mum and sister in Luxembourg City.

Of course my mum is not my real mum - she is human; and my sister is not my real sister - she has different parents. But we are family! My mum is doing her best to look after me.

I have to be a bit careful what I am saying, because she is the one writing down what I am saying, but then again she promised to be honest and just write whatever I am saying. Just to give you a hint, she can be quite annoying.

Overall however I have to admit that I have been really lucky in my life. The first nine weeks in my life I spent with my real mum and my first human mum in a very nice house with a huge garden, kids and loads of other dogs in Germany. My first human mum (she is still somehow my mum) took very well care of me and I love her to bits. When I see her, which does not happen too often, I cannot stop slobbering her face. We have a special connection. Then I moved in with my new human mum and her son. I was first sort of overwhelmed, coming from a village and quiet surrounding and moving into a city with busses, cars, lots of people, lots of other dogs, different smells, different noises.

But I got used to my new surroundings and I think that I am a rather balanced dog. Sometimes a bit too energetic though; I cannot stop jumping and running. But these are just short moments. For the rest of the time I enjoy sleeping, relaxing, being cuddled and occasionally I am allowed to help my mum when training with other dogs. I know she is very proud of me because I am always behaving at my best!

Life is good!!!

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