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#3 - LOTTA - little princess

I am Lotta, "Chaos Crew's" number 2.

Before I tell you more about me I need to put the record straight: Though I surely am a princess I am far from LITTLE!!!

But now more about me. I am a 4 year old Terrier Mix originally from France. I do not remember anything of my real mum and also the humans who gave me up for adoption are not memorable. In any case I was put up for adoption when I was only 6 weeks old. Maybe that is one of the reasons why I am sick and need medication. I am suffering from epilepsy and during my first seizure I almost died. Luckily since then I am stable with the right medication and the care of my parents.

I am living with my mum and dad in a small village and am proudly part of the "Chaos Crew", with Campino and Bayleigh. The three of us are keeping my mum and dad busy. We are quite different from each other in almost every way: appearance, character, temperament. This also means that we know how to push our parents buttons from different angles.

Bayleigh only came to live with us in March and we are still trying to find our balance. In addition we have a new trainer or better my parents have a new trainer - I don't really need training you know - which at times is really annoying. We are supposed to respect each other, which includes that I shouldn't attack Bayleigh anymore. Hey, I am the second in command in the house so I should be allowed to show my teeth from time to time don't you agree? AND, I am sure that I am able to put Bayleigh in place (she is only 10x bigger and heavier than me - so easy peasy). But hélàs, now my parents are in charge!

Well I have to admit (not to them of course - I still have to show some resistance), I feel somehow better with more structure in the house and it is a good thing to have parents you can rely on!

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