#4 - CAMPINO - mister serious

December 10, 2017


My name is Campino, the "Chaos Crew's" number 1.


I am a Border Collie and 6 years old. Most of my life I spent with my parents; in fact I came to live with them when I was 9 weeks old. Before that I had a great time with my real mum and siblings and got to know  other dogs and human beings (including the very small ones). 

Since I arrived in my parents home, they took and are still taking very good care of me. I participated in various dog group trainings when I was little and later on I was allowed to start with my passion the "Mantrailing".    


I am living with my mum and dad in a small village. With Lotta and Bayleigh I am proudly part of the "Chaos Crew", how my mother likes to call us. Well in a way we are just that! With Bayleigh's arrival we lost a bit our structure and balance. Due to that we are keeping our parents quite busy. As I am the "Chaos Crew's" number 1, I thought it was up to me to keep everybody in check including Bayleigh. But my mum showed me lately that I don't have to use my teeth on Bayleigh but that she (my mum) resolves conflicts and maintains the peace. I personally like this new way of living together especially as overall I like our "baby bear" and life is much better living in harmony than under tension. Hence we are moving into the right direction.


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