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#5 - BAYLEIGH - cheeky baby bear

My name is Bayleigh. I am a Herding Dog Mix, but to be honest I very much look like a Sarplaninac don't you agree? Well my mother was one and I definitely come after her.

I am 1.5 years old and am living since a few months with my parents. I did not have the best start in my life. As puppy I escaped being put down and was rescued by a shelter in Slovenia as were my 3 sisters. We were all four very sick and rather weak. Two of my siblings died.

When I was strong enough I was brought to the "Shiloh Ranch" a Croatian rescue shelter, where they took really good care of me. They also found my parents.

Now I am living with my mum and dad in a village. With Campino (number 1) and Lotta (number 2) I am proudly part of the "Chaos Crew" as number 3. I haven't been living with them for a long time and I think with my arrival the balance was lost. However we are all working hard to re-establish it. My mum and dad are taking really good care of me and showing me how I best fit in. Right now I am learning to respect the limits my mum and dad are setting. At first I was not too happy about this new concept, but in return they are maintaining the peace and harmony at home. This allows me to completely arrive, settle down and since then I can relax. It feels like everything starts to fall into place and I am even able to learn new things. For example I had sort of difficulties to lay down when my parents asked me to do so. I just couldn't do it. But today for the first time I could let go and lay down. Of course I am not a German Shepherd and I still don't really understand the purpose of the exercise, but as long as my parents are happy and I get some treats life is good!!!

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