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#6 - ZOLA - misses beauty face

Hey! I am Zola.

As you can see I am a beautiful Boxer in my best years - 4 to be exact.

Before my parents adopted me I was living in a different house with another family. Unfortunately they underestimated the time they would need to allow me a balanced life so that I ended up spending too much time alone.

Being too many hours on your own (especially as a puppy) does not really help to become fully clean and house-trained. Much to my regret I had also developed a habit to destroy things - in my defense: who would not do the same as a puppy and with nothing else to do.

Anyhow, that was the moment when this family came to the conclusion that it was not really working out between us and they decided to give me up for adoption. I was then 8 months old.

Luckily this was also the moment I found my parents and a new life began. Funny enough when I moved in with my parents I did not pee once in their house, though there still was the issue of gnawing things to pieces. But my mum and dad patiently taught me not to destroy things when I am on my own. In fact I learnt what it means to spend quality time with humans, going for walks, playing, some discipline though and lots of cuddles. The precious time with my mum and dad in return helped me to let go and to stay relaxed also during times when they are not present. I stopped the unwanted behaviour of destroying things. Nowadays when my parents are out I use this time to take a nap.

And then there is Boone, my huge brother, who came to live with us a year ago. He is more of the relaxed type; secretly I call him Mister Chill. With him around I always have company and I can follow his example as regards the chilling! Well almost follow his example ... My mum always says that I am an energy bundle. I guess she is somehow right and I am the living proof that canine dynamos exist! But what is more fun than running and jumping around? I also have a passion for fast moving objects; they are soooo tempting to chase. But lately I am learning how to better control myself and stay with my mum and dad instead of running of. This makes our walks much more fun and they are rewarding me for my good behaviour. My mum always says that I am the dog she always wished for, which makes me really proud and happy. My mum is the best!

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