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#7 - BOONE - the gentle giant

I am Boone.

Before I tell you more about myself I want to share with you a funny thing: The photographer had problems to get a good shot of my face because I am of an admirable size. So now you see only part of it. Well in her defense, she is not very experienced yet so maybe over time she will improve.

Back to me:

I am 7 year Old English Mastiff and weigh the considerable weight of 72 kg. I have been living with my parents and my little sister since almost a year. Before that I spent six months in an animal shelter.

When I came to live with my mum and dad I was severely underweight. But in light of my strongest passion which is FOOD, I caught up rather quickly. It also seems that I looked rather sad when I arrived in my new house. Well I guess I was sad at the time. Though in the animal shelter they were trying their best to look after me, it still is a shelter and I was missing my family. In addition my muscles were weakened and overall I was not the strongest. But with the love and care of my mum and dad I recovered nicely. And now I even got a winter coat to keep me warm and healthy during our walks in the cold.

Looking back I am very fortunate that I found my parents and both of them are really proud of me. It seems that I am doing everything right and I always behave at my best. I guess it is just in my nature; truly I could not hurt a fly. And I made a recent discovery! Can you imagine - playtime is fun! I had forgotten about that and am glad that Zola, my little sister, reminded me of that.

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