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#9 - JOLIE - misses cuddle

I am Jolie a 5 year old Labrador.

On my part I can say that I am overall a very fortunate dog. Why that? Well during my entire life I have been wanted and loved. When I was still living with my biological mum, my mum and her human helper (some call these helpers breeders) took very good care of me and my siblings. In fact the human helper is still in contact with my human mum and she is always keen to know how I am doing. I left their house when I was 8 weeks old and moved in with my mum and dad.

From the start they took real good care of me. They provided me with the right and healthy social contacts and I was introduced to all different sorts of environments. In order to give me some more structure and get a grip on my high energy level (you know that I am a Labrador), I also participated in obedience courses. Well the trainer were still sort of old-fashioned and it was not always fun. In fact my mum says if she could start with me again we certainly would not participate in such courses. But in any case a lot has changed since then and it has been a long time ago.

Nowadays we actually have fun in an activity we both participate, which is the "Mantrailing" and lately even "Dogtrailing". During this activity I am following the scent of either a specific human or a specific dog who is "lost" until I find the human or dog. My mum has to be super concentrated as she has to read my body language and has to understand what I want to tell her and where she has to go. I am in the lead and she is basically following wherever I go. It seems that I am pretty good in that and in addition I enjoy it very much.

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