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#8 - LUTHER - mister security

Hey, I am Luther, a beautiful 2 1/2 year old Rottweiler.

I am indeed Mister Security, and will tell you more about it in a few moments. My life started as a well-cared-for puppy at a breeder's kennel. When I was 8 weeks old I moved to my first family. My hopes were high, but unfortunately, this was not a very good experience. At this place I was mostly kept in isolation and the humans there mistreated me. Surely, this family did not know how to handle me, which was the reason why the breeder intervened. At this stage, I was 8 months old. In fact, the kennel contacted my dad, whom they know since a long time and asked him if he would like to have a look and meet me. You know my dad is a dog handler working in the security domain and has a lot of experience.

Once my dad saw me he did not hesitate a bit and immediately took me in, which was my lucky moment. I joined my new family and met with my new sister and older brother; both are beautiful Rottweilers too.

As said, at that sage I was 8 months old. During the first period my dad gave me time to arrive and to catch up on some basics - you know getting to know different environments, situations, people, noises,... well essentially catching up on things which I missed out on before.

Finally when I was 18 months old, my security apprenticeship started. The 3-week basic training encompasses different aspects including obedience, agility and protection work - with the protection work split in two parts. During the first part, I learnt how to really use my teeth and bite the assailant. Of course during the training, the alleged assailant is well protected and nobody gets hurt. During the second part, I learnt to attack the assailant wearing a special muzzle with the aim to stun the person in such a way that s/he cannot attack anymore. In French this is called: "La Frappe Muselée". The three week basic training was pretty intense and of course, through I am already in the field I am continuously learning and training.

Now you most probably wonder if while being in the field my skills were ever needed? Well YES!

One evening, when my dad and I were on our guarding' duty a very aggressive man approached my dad. The intention of the man was clearly to hurt my dad in which instance I used the "Frappe Muselée". Of course, I surely did not decide that move on my own; I always work in close cooperation with my dad and follow his command. In any case, due to my brave intervention the man was stunned and did not dare to move until the police arrived who took him away. My dad was very proud of me!

This is how my working life looks like!

When I am off duty I love to hang out with my family. At home I am huge cuddle bear! I also enjoy going for walk and to chill out and relax.

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