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#10 - NALA - little whirlwind

Hey, I am Nala, a 5 months old American Bulldog Mix. Well being a "Mix" one could think that I was an "accident". But honestly can such a cute face be an accident? Certainly NOT!

When I was 2 months old I moved in with my mum, where I have been living now for the past 3 months. I am quite a handful and I think my mum had at first some difficulties in getting a grip on me, especially as I really like to chew on everything including her hands. I also do not understand the purpose of a leash. These things are just hindering me from bulldozing around. OK I am not so much a bulldozer but rather a high speed headless runner - or I would be if there wasn't this leash, which is holding me back.

Am I lucky that my mum is so patient and lately I am starting to listen. I still need something to chew on, my jaw hurts with my new teeth growing and I certainly also need my spurts from time to time. But I am learning now also to relax and be more quiet. And there still are so many other things I need to learn. But with my mum I am sure that I am on the good path!

And last Sunday I had real fun! I met a fully grown true American Bulldog. Wow, could she run! I always thought that I was fast, but NO. I ran, ran, ran and ran after her until I stopped because no matter how fast I ran she was faster. But she was really nice. Once she noticed that I stopped she came back and rolled herself in front of me so that I could finally jump on her and play. She only showed me once (with a growl) that I should better behave. That was when I thought that some of the cheese treats were still stuck in her mouth and that I could fish it out from there. I guess that was not so polite and I didn't dare to try it again. Luckily she didn't take it in a bad way and thereafter we continued to play for a short while. On the way back to my house I almost fell asleep sitting in the car and thought what a great day!

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