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#11 - KING - handsome boy

Hey, nice to meet you - I am King! Well, currently I am age-wise still a prince, but give me a few months and I will be King! As you can see from my pic, I am a beautiful, gentle Border Collie and 7 months old.

Up to now I have been very fortunate; in fact I wished that every dog would be as fortunate as I am. I was born in Belgium where I lived on a farm with my mum, 8 other siblings, a bunch of other dogs, horses and a cat. My siblings and I had a lot of fun during this time.

When I was ten weeks old I moved in with my new family. In fact all my siblings had already left and I was the last one remaining. So I was quite happy when my new mum picked me up and I could start a new life. I guess there comes a point in time for every dog when they want to learn new things and explore the world. And the best is when you have then someone at your side, someone who explores the world with you, but also someone who guides and protects you.

So now I am living with my mum, dad and their smaller humans (they call them kids) in a nice house in the country side. I really like it there and the family life suits me very well. As said before I am very gentle and like to please my parents. There are only a few things which make me forget that my mum is around and this is for example the house cat. Though I lived with a cat before we are not really getting along. I guess my Border Collie genes are always pushing me to chase her which she doesn't like too much. Talking about the matter of chasing, well there are in fact a number of things which let me forget my surroundings. For example cars; cars are great to chase and birds and.... well I pretty like everything which moves fast. Yeah I know chasing fast moving objects or animals can be dangerous and is not such a good behaviour. So I am now learning to hold back and just letting things pass by. How we do this? Well in fact I am paying more attention to my mum and in situations where I usually would loose my head, she makes me understand that I should hold back and not follow my first impulse. I am still allowed to watch though. Of course this requires some training, but actually it is working very well and it feels good when my mum is proud of me.

Apart from that I really like to cuddle, play and run around with my canine friends including my biological mum which I see on a regular basis. And you know what? I am really looking forward to spring time and summer, when the weather is nicer and I can spend even more time outside.

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