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#12 - LOONY - the horseman... ehm dog

I am Loony - the horseman or better horsedog. Well, in fact my mum is the horsewoman and I am her loyal companion.

Almost 10 years ago, my mum rescued me from a French refuge called SPA (Société Protectrice des Animaux). Then I was around two years old. If you calculated right you will find that I am proud 12 years old. What I am in terms of breed? Nobody knows exactly, but I could be a Border Collie x Setter Mix.

There is not much known about my first two years and in any case this is so long ago. What is more important, I spent most of my life with mum and I have to say I am awfully proud of her. Why that? Let me tell you a bit about her before I tell you about the places we lived and our travels. So, my mum is a horsewoman! She has been working with horses almost her entire life. Her work covers everything around the stables, starting from keeping the stables in good shape, grooming the horses, riding horses, preparing the horses for shows and educating the horses but also the riders. She knows very well what she is talking about when it comes to horses. In fact as she is nowadays in addition working with dogs she knows also very well what she is talking about when it comes to dogs.

But now back to me or better us. As mentioned before I am my mum's loyal companion, hence where ever she goes I follow and we moved quite a lot. We started out in the South of France in Chantilly after my mum rescued me. Not long after we moved to the Netherlands where we lived for two years. During our stay in the Netherlands we cycled a lot around to discover the country. Well to be more concrete I was sitting in the dog-kart behind the bicycle and my mum pedaled.

After our two year's stay in the Netherlands we moved to the UK where we stayed another two years. And of course during all this time my mum was working with the horses. This of course means that my daily routine looked a bit different from city dog routines. I woke up in the morning and got ready for my day, waiting patiently for my mum to get ready too. Once we were at the stables, my mum started her work in the stables whereas I was free to room around. Sometimes I liked just to watch her and at other times I joined my canine friends to play, run around or just hang out. There are always dogs around stables which is great. Once the work day was over, we went back home and both tired and satisfied of our day's work.

Two years ago we moved then to Luxembourg. My mum was asked by a couple of riders if she would like to join them in Luxembourg and work for them as showgroomer. As a showgroomer you travel, I can tell you that. Just to name some places, we went to Spain, Slovakia and even Hungary. We did thousands of kilometers over the years and mostly by car, horse truck and trailer. I even crossed the channel with a boat and by train. So I guess you can say that I am an experienced traveler.

As mentioned before, nowadays my mum is also working with dogs, which means that we spend less time at the stables during the weekdays. But of course we are still spending time there and are traveling to shows at the weekends. And if there is a need we are also at the stables early in the mornings or later in the evenings. I have to say I wouldn't like to miss it a bit.

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