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#13 - LISBETH & LEO - visiting Luxemboug

Hey we are Lisbeth and Leo!

We are two Parson Russel Terriers, brother and sister, and only 4 1/2 months old. We are living with our mum and dad in Germany, but had the pleasure to visit Luxembourg not so long ago.

But first more about us. As mentioned above, we are brother and sister, born in the in the beautiful "Rureifel" region with loads of nature around us. The place where we were born into is run by a very nice woman with around about 25 years of Parson Russel Terrier breeding experience. So we can say with certainty that during the first 10 weeks of our life everything was running according to plan.

Ha!, .... now you might expect that thereafter it didn't .... but hélàs we have to disappoint you! When we were 10 weeks old we met our parents and we were fortunate to move into their home the same day. At that time my mum and dad were still a bit sad. They had lost their four-legged companion Gladdys just four months earlier, which left an empty space in their hearts. Though "empty" might not the right word. We are certainly no experts of the human heart, but we heard at one stage in our young life another theory which we liked a lot and would like to share with you ... and so she said: "If you love someone (being it human or animal), I believe that, the loved one takes a distinct space in your heart. In fact somehow the loved one becomes a part of your heart, a part of you. Life and death go hand in hand; one cannot be without the other. So there comes a time in life, for some earlier for some later, that the loved one might go, whereas you are left behind. So what happens to your heart or the distinct space the loved one filled? Well this space remains as long as you remain. It is filled with memories and moments you had together. And this is a good thing and it should make you happy! Because like this, though your loved one's body might be gone, s/he will never be lost to you."

We sure want to take such space in our parent's heart. Well in fact we are pretty certain that we already fill such space in our parent's heart. They told us once that they fell in love with Lisbeth from the first video they saw of her and with Leo the instant our dad was holding him in his arms during their first visit when we were six weeks old. Yet most importantly they show their love for us every day. Of course they are parents and sometimes they can be annoyingly strict, but then again we are young and there is still much to learn. To us, our parents are the best!

So finally our story is not so much about our stay in Luxembourg, although we really liked the place. We went to cafés and restaurants with our parents and discovered the routines in a hotel. Here we certainly behaved well, but we have to admit that it was with great effort. You should know that our dad is secretly called Mr Trouble and his genes cannot be ignored. But what would be life without a bit of fun! Overall our stay was a success and we surely will be back!

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